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Quantity Surveying

LHL Group offers a full scope of quantity surveying services.

Quantity surveying

LHL quantity surveyors offer professional support for a broad spectrum of projects ranging from residential schemes, office blocks, schools, hospitals and factories to large process works and major construction programmes. Our quantity surveyors work closely with architects, financiers, engineers, contractors, accountants, insurance underwriters and government authorities as pivotal members of design and project teams.

Our quantity surveying services include pre-contract cost planning and estimating, tender document preparation and post-contract cost control, as well as a range of building dispute resolution services to address issues that arise on building projects.

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Cost planning and estimating

LHL quantity surveyors provide cost management support for in-house architectural designers and building surveyors, and to other external practices and design teams. A key role of any building project is managing costs, from the early design stage through to completion.

Our quantity surveyors work with private and public-sector clients of all sizes to provide indicative cost plans and estimates, to determine the feasibility of planned construction projects. We can provide indicative costs based on either a cost per square metre of floor area, or an elemental cost plan – depending on the amount of design information available.

LHL quantity surveyors have extensive knowledge and experience across various industries, covering every type of building and infrastructure project. That means we understand the construction processes and associated costs of a broad range of projects, enabling us to provide accurate cost estimates.

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Tender documents – preparation and reporting

Whether you need a tender document to obtain competitive quotations for your complete building project, or simply want to obtain quotations for a single element of a project as part of your overall price, LHL  quantity surveyors can help.

We provide detailed pricing documents in the form of Schedules of the Works or Bills of Quantities. We provide Bills of Quantities when you need a more detailed breakdown of exact quantities, allowing more accurate pricing and tighter cost control. We also produce Tender Reports, recommending which tender is most suitable for letting a contract.

Our experience and knowledge of various forms of procurement and measurement standards mean we can tailor the tender documentation to suit your specific requirements.

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Post-contract cost control and reporting

As a continuation of our pre-contract cost planning and estimating services, our quantity surveyors provide post-contract services to ensure that contracts are managed successfully. This includes accurate financial management, from the construction phase through to completion. We can also provide support for contracts that have started to fail, helping to bring costs back in line with pre-contract estimates.

You can trust our expertise to make recommendations about payments to contractors for their works on site, advise you on the validity and agree the cost of any variations to the work, and provide cash-flow reports and overall monthly cost reports on project finances, including the anticipated final cost.

Our reports are detailed and concise and can be adapted to cover all aspects of the project cost. They are ‘live’ documents which you can access at any time to support your project monitoring and management.

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Get in Touch

If you’d like to find out more on how LHL Group can assist you with your surveying, contact one of our offices and a member of our team will be happy to help.

Dispute resolution, expert witness and advice on building contracts

When you need expert support to help resolve issues or disputes that arise on any building contract, you can rely on the knowledge and expertise of our quantity surveyors. We offer building dispute resolution services to any parties involved in construction projects.

The range of services we provide includes negotiation, preparation of expert witness reports and general advice on the operation and interpretation of various forms of contract, including JCT and NEC.

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